Review: smART presentation- Dee Fontans

So Dee Fontans‘ presentation last night went really well.  She was her usual fun, charismatic self, and gave us lots to think about.  I find her very inspiring and encouraging, and fun!  She talked about maintaining your practice, in terms of getting out and meeting people, developing relationships with those people, and always being ready.  She talked about public speaking, body language and communication.  She talked about promoting yourself, and making it easy for people to work with you, as well as building your own team, and what to look for in people you are considering working with.  Overall, it was an amazing presentation, and Emily and I were so pleased she agreed to do it.  Thanks Dee!

What I got out of it was a few things I should be working on.  Since I’ve talked with her before about a lot of this, I feel like I’ve got a bit of a head start, as I’ve been doing some of it already.  My list of things to work on is:
1. public speaking skills (maybe Toastmasters?)
2. social skills :read about body language and communication skills.
3. get up to date and keep up my portfolio- images, bio, artist statements, etc.
4.building “drama”: carry or wear your own stuff, don’t be afraid to be a little “out there”, but be prepared for it.  Don’t be afraid to stand out, but do it in a constructive way.

Here’s something interesting… Dee’s dance craze- the Jeweller!  (When I’m 80, I’ll still remember dancing the jeweller with Dee Fontans and Charles Lewton-Brain!)

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