IMR Brochure

So things have been a little (crazy!) busy for me lately, with this being the end of my graduating semester.  I feel like I’ve made a great breakthrough in my work, and it’s really exciting for me right now, but I’ve needed to finish what I’ve promised I would finish.  But now that most of that’s done, except finishing up (as in “responding and reworking”) my grad piece, I can start on some of the other things I want to do.  (Well, soon, after I hopefully find a job so I can pay my rent, and you know, live.)

Anyway, here’s some work on the IMR…. I’ve gotten these brochures professionally printed, and will be handing them out at the grad show.  It’s like my whole portfolio in one neat little package.

I’ve also been working on the IMR website a little, although there is still a lot to do there yet.

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