New Camera Bag!

I can’t believe I made this!


So my mother suggested that since I just graduated from a Fibre program, I make a bag for my new camera, instead of buying one.  At first, I thought, “yeah, maybe,” and then later, perhaps more realistically, “I’ll probably end up buying one at some point.”  But then, I don’t want to spend all my money on a (probably boring) camera bag, so last night I looked on the internet for a pattern.  There are lots of patterns for point and shoot digital cameras, but those patterns weren’t going to work for my new DSLR.

So I decided to just wing it.  I used some material I already had in my stash, and some foam I found in my studio.  There are a couple things I need to fix yet, such as rounding off the goofy front corner, and and adding a decorative strip around the top of the lid, for visual interest and to hide the slightly uneven stitching.  But overall, I’m impressed with myself. It looks like a camera bag!

The bag is padded to protect the camera, has a zipper, and pockets of various sizes on both the inside and the outside.  The strap is actually two “straps,” so the length is adjustable, and it looks really cute tied in a bow.

It looks good, is sturdy, and is the right size!

It’s nice when things work the way you envision them.

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