Filming with Beth!

So today I started another project.  Well, continued another project that I’ve been planning for a while.  My good friend, Elisabeth and I went out to Fish Creek Park to start filming my Institute of Morphoid Research Documentary!  I get to make my “documentary” this summer, as part of EMMEDIA’s Production Access Scholarship Program for first time filmmakers!  EMMEDIA provides a budget for and access to equipment rentals and time in their editing suites, a few workshops to learn how to make films, a budget for tape stock, and access to a mentor!  I think it was an awesome opportunity that showed up at just the right time for me and my practice, and I think this will be a lot of fun!

Up until this point, I’ve been working on the plan for the film.  As I said, I am doing a short “documentary” on the Institute of Morphoid Research and the Morphoids it studies.  I am structuring it in segments, so that it will be completely adaptable for me- I can use specific segments for exhibitions in art galleries and profiles on my website, and I will have a longer, stand alone film to send to festivals and whatnot.  I think in this case, adaptability is everything.

Anyway.  Back to Beth.

We spent the day learning about the camera and equipment through trial and error, laughing at ourselves and our mistakes, and doing some fun and unusual things in the forest! I did a short “eye witness account” with Beth about a Morphoid she saw, and we did some animating, using fishing line.  I brought us a nice lunch, and we had a nice visit and a good morning/ early afternoon in the park.  The day went too fast, and I can’t wait to do it again.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any still shots from our adventure.

The scholarship ends at the end of August, and sometime after that point, there is talk of doing a screening.  Last year, they had it at the Plaza, which would be really cool.

I still need to get together with Robin (my newscaster), Sara (my other eye witness), and Lindsay (my “Morphoid handler”).  The only potential problem is that three of my Morphoids are currently at the Alberta Craft Council, in the Coming Up Next! show, so their segments will have to wait until they come home.

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