Sneak Preview/ Help me name the “Documentary”!

Here’s a sneak peek of a very tiny teensy weensy little part of the “documentary”….  this is a “big foot” video of one of the Morphoids.

I am also in dire need of a name for the “Documentary”!  I really can’t call it “Documentary,” because I don’t want the sarcasm to be so overt!  The name should be somewhat serious. I would definitely appreciate any ideas you have, even if you think they’re bad… you never know what it’ll spark!  So let’s hear ’em!

Here’s a little synopsis of the film, if that helps:

In (“The film formerly known as “Documentary”), the Institute of Morphoid Research profiles some of the creatures they work with (the Morphoids) and provides an insight into the work of the Institute. Narrated by the IMR’s Founder and Chief Researcher, Jennifer Akkermans, the film aims to share with the world the wonder of the Morphoid creatures, which Akkermans has been working with since 2010. The film shares more than solely the mandate of the IMR, featuring profiles on specific Morphoid species, footage of rare Morphoids, interviews with eye witnesses, and news clips of discoveries and public events, including a Morphoid petting zoo. The film aims to shed light on the phenomenon of the newly emerging Morphoids and the enthusiastic public interest surrounding them.

If you’d like more background info on the project, click here!

If you should so humour me as to send me suggestions, I may post a slightly bigger, slightly more interesting part of the “Documentary,” but I don’t want to give it all away, so…. suggestions please!

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