Sweet Panning in 5.1

I am super excited about figuring out how to Pan in 5.1. It is magical. I can automate the panning in any way I want.
Just to give you can example, it feels like this little bird is flying around me .
Jen said she didn’t notice that much, that her hearing is like her smelling, maybe she didn’t say that exactly, but if that is true . . .
Did I tell you the time she couldn’t smell the overpowering natural gas odour in the entryway?
Apparently once in a while the entryway reeks of natural gas, like 10 people farting rotten eggs all at once. The ATCO people came out, but said there wasn’t any problem, it just happens once and while.
Weird isn’t it?
So yeah, panning, I am getting my jollies out of this little baby.

Also I am NEVER using iPod Voice Memos AGAIN! IT SUCKS!!!!!!
The noise level is so high it feels like you are listening with your head wrapped in 20 layers of tin foil.
I downloaded FiRe, and it is way better, the noise level is WAY lower, you can choose the file quality and change the file format as many times as you want forever!