Coming Up: Fluid Festival!

I am one of the visual artists in the Spark Program, performing as part of the Fluid Festival, happening here in Calgary on the 18th and 19th at the Big Secret Theatre.  See the Fluid Festival website for tickets and more information!

Tuesday night was our official kick-off!  We toured the space, learned a bit about what our limitations and expectations are, and met with all the wonderful people who will help us on our way (such as tech, lighting, and our self-proclaimed festival ‘go-to girl.’  Our courageous curators (!) have matched us up in teams of two- one visual artist and one dancer/movement artist.  I’m paired with the lovely Veronica Benz, who seems as jazzed about the match as I am.  We have two weeks to come up with something, and so… we’ll see what happens!

(And here’s a blog post about last year’s show.)

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