Ben Folds Aftermath

So the concert was absolutely amazing, totally worth the 15 year wait!  The place was just buzzing, I talked to a few people, and most people were like me, having waited for a long time for that particular concert.  Ben was perfect, almost too perfect, as I only noticed two mistakes he made during the whole performance. The symphony (Edmonton Symphony Orchestra) was tight, and the conductor was great, and seemed like a very endearing character, riding a bike out onto the stage.

Believe it or not, my front row seat, while it would have been an amazing seat for any other concert, SUCKED.  Yes, in capitals.  (See photo above- Ben was on the other side of that piano.) I couldn’t see Ben through the baby grande piano front and centre on the stage, and it’s not like he could really move the piano or move around.  So, in the intermission (glad there was one!), I talked to about 8 different people (ok, slight exaggeration, it was more like 6), in an attempt to get my seat changed, and eventually, I did, to the same seat in row H, instead of row A.  A bit father back, but MUCH better.

Needless to say, my hands and voice hurt the next day. SO worth it.  (And by the way, Red Arrow is the way to go.  That should be their slogan.)

I really hope Ben enjoyed Alberta as much as the crowd enjoyed having him.  It would be really great to be able to see him again.  Between this concert, and Jann Arden earlier this year, I’ve hit two of my must see musicians in concert, the last being Barenaked Ladies.  I’ll have to keep watch.

(Apologies for the delay- for some reason, I was having trouble transferring the photos from my phone to the computer.)

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