Upcoming Event: A Bacteriophage Dissection!

As part of my work in The New Alberta Contemporaries, the first exhibition at the Esker Foundation, I am doing a performance. Here are details.

The Institute of Morphoid Research presents: A Bacteriophage Dissection

Join Institute of Morphoid Research specialist, Jennifer Akkermans, in exploring the inner workings of the Bacteriophages! This public dissection, happening at 1:00, August 4th, will be an instrumental event in the IMR’s research, being the first dissection in the history of the Institute. The public is invited to observe, ask questions,and get a unique, up-close look at these curious creatures. Bring your inquisitive mind, and, as always, a sense of humour!

For more information, and to learn what a Bacteriophage is, please visit InstituteOfMorphoidResearch.com.

The dissection will be happening August 4th, at 1:00PM, at the Esker Foundation, in Inglewood (Calgary).

(Now, back to work on this!)

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