Day…. I’ve lost track. (January 14)

Puppet Crew 2

– The Puppet Crew! –

So it’s been a couple of days.  We’ve been working pretty hard, and then playing pretty hard.  Yesterday after our morning of Suzuki and an afternoon of making, we did our first run throughs for the whole group.  They were magical.  Interesting, well developed stories and characters, and I am just amazed at the talent of this group.  After the critique (God, I didn’t realize how much I missed that!), we let loose a bit, and had a studio party…. Four Square, of course!

I figured out the mechanism for the birds yesterday, 6 ravens, the Raven Choir.  I still have quite a bit of work to do on them, but they’re coming along.  The other girls in the group are building really interesting puppets as well, and we have a wonderful tree that Sydney has made.

I am a little sad to realize that with today being our day off, and Thursday and Friday being rehearsal/ presentation days, we only have one regular day left.  It’s amazing how connected I feel to the puppet crew, even though I haven’t known any of them longer than 2 weeks.  It’s too bad that in just a few days, we’ll all be going on our separate ways again.

Just a reminder, if you’re interested, and in the Banff area friday night, our Presentation is Friday at 7, in the Martha Greenham Theatre.  And it’s free.

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