Two Weeks In.


Grad school is going to kick my butt.

It’s only been two weeks, and already it feels like the end of semester crunch time.  I have done a bunch of short answer responses for various classes, a bunch of readings (for both my classes and my TAship), made a bunch of GIFs (and more on the way), written and revised (and re-revised) my syllabus I am designing for my pedagogy elective, attended classes as a Teaching Assistant, gone to the library about 8 times, had a personal meeting with the librarian, done my WHMIS module, done my Academic Integrity Module (“Don’t plagiarize!”), argued with the student loan people, gone for a beer with my classmates on a whim, gone to 3 openings and a birthday party, cried rather memorably because of the smoke at said birthday party, went to about 15 welcome events, all of which served pizza, attended sholarship information sessions, and found my way through “Needless Hell” (Needles Hall), and had my first studio visit.  Phew.

I’m also planning a research paper (that’s going to be interesting, if I can pull it off), and thinking about potential artists to intern with.  We (the MFA’s) are going on a field trip in the beginning of October to New York (EEEK!) and then the department is holding it’s Sculpture Symposium, which will include visiting artist lectures from 7 artists, studio visits for the MFA’s, and a few other events.  We will also be mentoring some of the senior level undergraduates, and have an exhibition coming up in October.

I haven’t even mentioned my studio work.  In addition to my serious studio work (which I am totally shaking up in order to start something new), I am taking an elective, Hybrid Digital Media, for which I am required to keep another blog as a digital sketchbook.

On top of it all, I am re-adjusting back to life as a student, and not just a student, but a grad student.  I have moved from Calgary, where I have spent the last 8 years of my life.  I sold/gave away/got rid of everything I owned that I didn’t bring with me in my car.  Not only am I adjusting to a city where I know no one except my classmates, all of my friends and family are still back home.  And I recently split up with my longterm boyfriend, on top of everything else.  I’ve given up a lot to be here and I’m not going back.

I’m really not trying to complain – I want to be here, and I want to make the best of it – but the experience is really going to push me, as it should.  I’ve gotta find a way to manage it, get into my new groove, and see where it takes me.  I hope that this is the toughest part of the transition.  Hopefully by the end of it, I’ve learned a lot, developed some new work, and built something of a new life for myself here.  I guess now I get down to work and see what happens.  Stay tuned.

On the bright side, I’ve been sleeping really well, probably because I’m so completely exhausted when I get to bed.

(The GIF is a quick little sample that I, Neda and Ryan made in my elective, Hybrid Digital Media. I’m not quite sure how they conned me into it.)

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