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Flying Pigs

Here’s something I did just the other day (see the video). I wish I could manage to be this productive every day.  Or, more days than currently.  It’s been an uphill battle lately.  (I’m at 15 rejections, and my recent health problems have set me back a bit.) Maybe that’s why it’s a flying pig- everything I want to do… Read more →

2012 in Review

2012 has been an excellent year for me.  Let’s recap. The Institute of Morphoid Research at the Art Gallery of Calgary –  This was an amazing opportunity.  I showed some of the Morphoids in cages, and my ‘documentary,’ Morphopodia.  As an entertaining aside, a friend of mine has a young son who reports having made Morphoid environments in the AGC school when visiting the… Read more →

Phases of Practice

I seem to be going into an experimentation phase. Like a lot of artists, I go through phases with my work.   Productive phases (grooves), where everything seems to roll along smoothly, almost pulling me with it, unproductive phases (ruts, like the one I’m finally seeming to get out of), where I’m stalling, and everything in between.  Experimentation phases, where… Read more →

The New Alberta Contemporaries!

The opening for The New Alberta Contemporaries was the other day at the Esker Foundation.  It was a spectacular event- they really pulled it all together in the end.  It was quite the opening, not only were there the 44 of us artists, curator, Esker staff, founder (Jim Hill) and guests, but there was a live band, and spectacular food.… Read more →

Morphoid Alive!

A short video of my success today… a physically animated Morphoid! It has two separate circuits in it, one for the sound, and one for the vibration.  Both are affected by their relationship to light.  The only thing I don’t like is the rattle, but for a first go, I’m pretty happy with it. (Now, I need to learn to… Read more →