Pteropod visits Robin’s House

Here’s some images from Pteropod’s visit to Robin’s house.  It looks like they mostly just stayed in and hung out.

From the evidence Robin gave me, Pteropod seemed to really enjoy relaxing, stretching out and making herself at home.  It looks like she quite enjoyed Robin’s music collection, and seemed quite comfortable in the space.
Thanks Robin!

Foster-A-Morphoid Program

This is a photo essay of Sepal’s vacation with Beth and Adrienne.  They took him on a special visit to Bee Kingdom, a glassblowing studio collective here in Calgary.  Pictures below!

Thanks Beth and Adrienne!!  It looks like you had fun!

I, Morphoid

So the Morphoids and the pictures are rollin’ in.  These are from Foraminifera’s visit to the home of Cathy Checora.  She said she was saying something like, “This would make a good… uh…” and her son suggested “weapon.”  Thanks Cathy (and family)!

Welcome home, foster Morphoid!




Foster a Morphoid!

Do you have children or pets? Do you have a camera?  If you answered “No,” then “Yes,” you’re eligible for the Foster A Morphoid Program!  I’m looking for people to foster and photograph Morphoids for a week, then report back to me on their behaviour with photos and details!  If you’re interested, contact me (via Facebook is probably best).

Care of your Morphoid:
Morphoids should be kept away from young children, pets, and delicate fabrics.  If the Morphoid should get dirty (and it’s okay if they do), spotwash with water. Morphoids need no food, but are more agreeable when given more attention.  Feel free to take your Morphoid for a walk, or whatever else you feel could be enjoyable.

Keep in mind that I will need them returned by January 28th at the latest, as they are part of my upcoming show starting February 1st.

Wouldn’t this guy look great curled up in front of the fire?