LoveCraft Gallery

A friend of mine from ACAD, Tracy Sutherland, is starting her own gallery here in Calgary- LoveCraft Gallery.  She’s been talking about it for so long. I am so proud of her for taking the leap! Tracy and her business partner, Dasha, are running a Kickstarter campaign for getting the place finished up – Check it out here!  Or, even better, pledge the project!

Videos by Puppet Camp Friends

I thought I would share some of the video work available online from some of the other Puppet Intensive participants.  One night we had a bit of a video show and tell/ heckling night, looking at video work from anyone who brought work to share.  These are just a few.

Maybe I’ll start with a clip by the Old Trout Puppet Workshop– this is the music video to Feist’s Honey Honey.


Feast, by Rob Leveroos. See more at Lone Feather Studio.

Feast from RLeveroos on Vimeo.


Brian Fidler’s Ramshackle Theatre, with a trailer for their Sci-Fi Double Feature.

Sci-Fi Double Feature – Trailer from Edward Westerhuis on Vimeo.


And finally, a short video by Shelby Lyn Lowe.

There is quite the contrast among all the work- I enjoyed that everyone came from such different backgrounds.  Some ideas of performance, such as Rob’s visual poetry, are such an interesting contrast to my idea of performance, such as my work, A Bacteriophage Dissection, below.


(Ok, I’ll shut up about Puppet Camp now. Maybe.)

Mystery Art Date


Last week, my good friend, Beth Cartwright, took me out on a mystery art date.  We went out to Bragg Creek, a place neither of us had been since before the Flood.



Bragg Creek was really different since the flood, the whole course of the river had changed, and the picnic area was completely washed away.  This is a picnic table, uprooted from it’s original place.  There were only a couple around.


Some people looking at the table.


Someone else’s art.


Stacking rocks.


We found a rock we could draw on other rocks with.



Found textures.

Contemporary Automata Artists

Here are some artists who are using automata and mechanical principles in their artwork.  I like that these draw from traditional techniques, but each artist has added their own unique twist, to make their own things.

Dug North

Dave Johnson

Gary Schott

Mihai Bonciu

Juan Pablo Cambariere

Danny Gregory: A Kiss Before You Go

A new book by one of my favourite authors, Danny Gregory.

I have a few of Danny’s other books, including The Illustrated Life, The Creative License, and Everyday Matters.  His books are among the first I reach for when I’m looking for inspiration- a flip through the pages is usually all it takes.  I am amazed by his openness and vulnerability, and the courage it takes to share journal pages.  (I know a thing or two about that as well.)  As his work is primarily for his journal, it is raw, spontaneous, and seems to be true to himself (although I know that what makes it into the books is carefully chosen).  It is a glimpse into his life and personal experience, and I feel lucky to be witness to that through his books.

I am also thrilled to see another book from him listed as coming up on Amazon – An Illustrated Journey: Inspiration From the Private Art Journals of Traveling Artists, Illustrators and Designers!