Inflatable Artists… whoops, Inflatable Art

Some research on Inflatable Sculpture:

The TV is by Flores McGarrell, who went to SAIC.  It seems this school is stalking me lately.  McGarrell is also on Art :21, and apparently, was killed just recently in the earthquake in Haiti.

This “Bush Head” is by  Paul McCarthy.

Inflatable Ego?

Other things of interest:

Instructables: Making 3d Objects
A Word of Warning: An Accident 

As for materials, it seems, plastics and polyester. As always, it’s an ongoing process, more to come!

Maker’s Market: Seratonin Molecule Necklace and More!

I just discovered this site – Maker’s Market, which looks a lot like Etsy, but more technical.  I came across this Seratonin Molecule Necklace, in Made With Molecules‘ store, and if it wasn’t out of stock…. I’d be a little more broke. lol. (Seratonin is the molecule that makes us happy!)
Also of interest on my preliminary tour of the site is Sternlab‘s LED Sewing kit:
And Hine‘s Camera Case is just too cute!
Hmmm…. this is interesting!