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Returned from Europe!

Returned!  Very happy to be home and back in the studio! I returned from Europe one week ago, Friday the 10th.  Soon happy to be home, although Europe was wonderful!  I visited as many places as I could – Cologne, Barcelona, Vienna, Amsterdam, Venice, Brussels, London and Paris. Phew! I saw lots of things- the Eiffel Tower, Big Ben, Manneken… Read more →

Animatronic Morphoids!

I’ve been awarded a production grant from the Alberta Foundation of the Arts, to develop some of the Morphoids into ‘living’ creatures over the next few months.  To do this, I am using Arduinos, electronic circuitry, servo motors, sensors, and developing the mechanics for the inside of the Morphoids to make them move and interact with their environment.  As you can imagine,… Read more →

Banff Centre Puppet Intensive!

  I will be attending the Puppet Theatre Intensive Workshop at the Banff Centre for the first couple weeks in January! The workshop will be run by Peter and Juanita from the Old Trout Puppet Workshop, based here in Calgary. A colleague had pointed out the workshop to me, but by the time I had found out about it, it was full.… Read more →