Paralytica: Burning Shoulder, a couple months late.

This has got to be the most complicated thing I have ever made.  It was an incredible challenge to get this piece to stand up on Sara’s shoulder, and not to move to much while she was moving.  There was just about everything you could think of in there: plaster, staples, velcro, elastic, hot glue, super glue, dowels, pvc pipe, fabric, stuffing, etc, and including two loooonnnng dowels that run from the tips of the flames all the way down to her hips.  And of course, those needed a fabric harness to keep them where they needed to be.

Sara was a great model for this piece- really patient, and excited about it.  And someone gave her a great compliment: “She wasn’t afraid to get ugly.”  Success.

ArtaWEARness XI

Photo by Alana Thorburn-Watt
Photos by Steven Tov

Our big performances were the last two nights (March 4th and 5th).  My girls were amazing, and we had a lot of fun.  They were all really laid back with what I was asking of them, and super excited for the show.  I got some great compliments on both my models and my pieces, and did three TV appearances this week!  BT, Shaw, and Calgary Fashion.  I will post more images and video as they become available.

For now, check out some of my fellow artists:
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Thanks to my models and the ArtaWEARness team, and congrats to all the other artists!!

Paralytica: An Embodiment of Pain



About the work:
We all have pain and discomfort in different forms and places and deal with it in our own ways.  Paralytica: An Embodiment of Painillustrates how physical pain affects our movement, disposition, and everyday life.  These pieces epitomize the emotional and physical distress caused by the uncomfortable restrictiveness of pain, as it relates to our physical bodies.

Special thanks to my amazing models: Lindsay Joyand Jenna Swift!