You Can Never Go Home

My thesis exhibition for my MFA at the University of Waterloo is coming up VERY SOON- May 5 – 21, 2016, at the University of Waterloo Art Gallery!

About the exhibition:

Jennifer Akkermans / You Can Never Go Home / UWAG – Gallery Two

In the summer of 2014, Jennifer Akkermans packed everything she owned into her car and moved from Calgary to Waterloo. Since then, she has been attempting to build a home for herself in Ontario. You Can Never Go Home is a physical manifestation of this process. Torn between remembering her prairie home and attempting to acclimatize to a new place, Akkermans uses herself as a case study. Like some of the artworks in the exhibition, the process is incomplete. The obsessiveness and anxiety of the installation speaks to the discomfort and sense of discovery at the heart of her transition.

More info on the Waterloo Fine Arts website.


A friend of mine, who I met at Puppet Camp two years ago (and is starting again this week), chooses a word as a theme every year.  This year, I have decided to try it out.

My word for 2016 is Care.


Take care. Take care of. Take care of it.

Care for. Care for self, care for others.

Careful. Not to be hesitant, but to be considerate.

This will be my mantra for the year.  Hopefully 2016 will be a good one.


Work in Progress….

I’ve been taking a lot of photographs as I’ve been working in the studio lately, and thought I’d share a few.  That’s about all I have time for at this point in my MFA.  (Hopefully sometime I’ll be able to give this site a little more of the attention it needs.)

This piece is getting really close to being finished.  And, wow, realizing how much my work has changed.

Roots1 Roots2 Roots3 Roots4 Rootsprogress