Material Skills

Material Skills

These images and videos represent a selection of my material handling and making skills.

Jennifer Akkermans’ “You Can Never Go Home” (MFA Thesis Exhibition at The University of Waterloo) from Tara Cooper on Vimeo.

Jennifer Akkermans Ogopogo from Jennifer Akkermans on Vimeo.


Plain (2015). Lightbox with diorama. 13.5" x 21" x 8.5".

Bad Taste

Stand Still (2015). MDF, polyfilla, plexiglas, paint, sandpaper, digital photo frame. 23” x 20” x 11”.





IMG_7126 IMG_7128 IMG_7096 IMG_2425





Artwork by Jennifer Akkermans.

Artwork by Jennifer Akkermans.


Pteropod from Jennifer Akkermans on Vimeo.

Institute of Morphoid Research presents A Bacteriophage Dissection Excerpt from Jennifer Akkermans on Vimeo.

Stop Motion Animation:

Nudibranchia from Jennifer Akkermans on Vimeo.


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