Starting off- A little about me!

So, um, I decided it’s about time. I need a more public place to share what’s been going on with me. I plan to use this space to share my life, art, journals, etc.

So, a little about me. I loooooovvvveee school. Or, more specifically, my school. I am currently a fibre major at the Alberta College of Art + Design in Calgary. I have just finished year 3 out of 5 – it’s a four year program, but I’m taking my time. I am really into designing repeating patterns right now, as well as many other things. I am also really into business and am a project manager of the smART group, an inter-school student run project that organizes learning events for emerging artists and students to learn the business they need in order to thrive as a professional artist.

Anyway, more to come later- I’ll consider putting up some images!

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