Poplar Gallery Online

I’m part of an online show right now, at the Poplar Gallery.  Our show is called “Lot 175: A Box of Household Linens,” and it started as a class assignment in History of Textiles.  Our instructor, Dr. Jennifer Salahub, a textile historian, bought a box of “linens” on eBay, in an attempt to raise the price.  After receiving the box, she distributed the old, stained, some mouldy and decaying, textiles, one to each of us, asking that we incorporate the fabric in some way to make a piece that reflects the topic of our major research paper for the term. My piece and description are below.

“Full Circle (Laptop Case)” 
Few technologies reinvent themselves the same way as the Jacquard loom/ computer technology has.  The punch card, which led to the development of the original Jacquard loom also played an essential part in the development of the computer.  Computers are now able to design complex weaving patterns, forming images of threads, which were too complex to be done earlier.  The computer has reinvented weaving.   Full Circle is a ‘recycling’ response to the evolution of the computerized loom.  Originally an old bedspread, the material has been recycled into a laptop case.  The woven material speaks of the ancient technology of the loom, the punch card image speaks of its own application and innovation, and the laptop speaks of the technology of today.

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