Self Portrait

Ok, so here’s some better images from my most recent show, Self Portrait.  The pictures are from the opening, which seemed to coincide with every other opening in Calgary, which I can’t decide if it was bad or good.  I think, because of it, I got some people looking at my work which may not have, normally, because I didn’t know them.  I also lost some people I thought would come, because they had other commitments.

I got a lot of great feedback from the show.  It seemed to touch a lot of people, which I think is quite a feat in this art school atmosphere, where we see so much art that half the time we don’t really even LOOK at it.  Someone told me they had seen 9 people in the gallery at once- the most she’s ever seen without it being an opening.  I’m patting myself on the back.

The last one is me, posing in my own installation.  This set of photos is courtesy of Robyn Thompson.  Thanks Robyn!

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