A Week of My Life…..

So I’ve been feeling a little… disjointed(?) this weekend, probably because it’s the tail end of reading week.  Bear was away this weekend, at a family thing, and I didn’t go, because I actually have a lot of work to get done.  In reality, though, I had no attention span and was feeling pretty restless yesterday, as I tend to do when I have time off (even though I have stuff to do, I need the structure of being somewhere at a specific time- regularly.) So, I didn’t really get much done.  Tomorrow is back to school, and it’s midterm season, so I need to get some stuff done today (and the rest of the week).  Maybe if I post a To Do: List here, I’ll feel more inclined to get things done.  (It’s so funny, because sometimes I am almost overly efficient and productive.)

To Do:
Today (Sunday):
-Finish proposal (outline and preliminary bibliography) for research project for Material Culture class.  (Put it on my flash drive, as my printer is, sadly, out of ink.)
-Make mockups of simple sewing projects (weaving) for Mackenzie’s weaving project- 3 Pieces, One Warp, to see how much yardage I need to weave. (yikes?)
-Do small blurb and pick image for Artist Spotlight submission for “Blend,” the ACAD student publication.  Would LOVE to submit my paper on masks, but the submission is due tomorrow, and it needs a good edit. Maybe.

Monday: Essentials
9:00 – 12:00 – Multiharness Weaving Class (I have a feeling I should have my weaving drafts done but I can’t do too much in one go- all those little squares make me cross-eyed.  But I AM very glad we don’t have to do it by hand anymore!) 
12:30- 2:00 – Material Culture Class- print and hand in proposal
3:00 – Career Panel with 4th year Jewellery and Metals kids.
– 7:00 – The Best of the Ottawa film Festival is show at ACAD!  (This should be fun!)
-Also need to check that we’re ready to go for the Bag Sale on Tuesday. (Fundraiser for Fibre field Trip to Santa Fe)
 Should Do’s:
– check possible room numbers for smART seminars, look into booking.
-take a load of my directed studio samples and pieces to school – I’ve been making things like crazy lately… (I’ll post pics when I can find my camera.)

Have To’s:
-technically, my day off, but never happens that way.
-bring some Directed Studio Stuff to school (there’s a lot of it, and I’d rather not take it on the train in rush hour…
-Bag Sale Fundraiser, 12:30-2
-SLC (Student Gov) meeting at 6:00
Should Do’s:
– get ink cartridge filled
– calculate and wind warp for weaving project.
– go to ACAD and public library for sources on my research paper.  Topic: History and social context of The Sewing Machine.

-my second day off (in theory.)
-take more DS stuff to school.
-Return library books
-12:30- Peer helper inservice- discussing the improvement of orientation for new students.
-work on weaving
Would like to’s:
-2:00 – Guest artist lecture – Erik Mattijssen
-7:00 – Guest Artist lecture – Darsha Hewitt

12:30- 2:00 – Material Culture Class – hand in notes on a reading
– If my midterm crit is Friday, finish that up! (Still have to make material and sew/stuff one more form.

– 2:00 – Directed Studio midterm crit – but, for some reason, I think maybe we rescheduled it for next week.
– 7:00 – ArtaWearness!! The biggest event at ACAD!

Thursday and Friday seem pretty slow as compared to the others, but they’ll fill in, as they always do. I’ll keep you posted.  Somehow, in writing this post about how much I have to do, I’ve been procrastinating.  Funny how that works.  Anyway, back to work.

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  1. What I actually did this week:
    Sunday: did proposal, mockups and calculated warp for weaving.
    Monday: Attended both classes, printed and handed in proposal, wound 2/3 of my warp, returned and got new library books, went to Panel and film fest. Talked with girls about bag sale, put up posters.

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