The Prinzhorn Collection

(Image is from the Prinzhorn Collection.)

A friend sent me a link to a post about the Prinzhorn Collection at A Face Made for Radio: Helen McCarthy’s Blog.  Helen McCarthy also links to A Little House In the Cloud’s post on the Prinzhorn Collection.

The Prinzhorn Collection is a selection of art created by patients of a mental institution in Germany.  Of particular interest to textile artists and journalers, is Agnes Richter’s Jacket, which she covered in embroidery.  Possibly she was telling her life story to others, but maybe it was for herself.

This work is beautiful, although she maybe wasn’t particularly concerned with the aesthetics, and  heart-wrenching to me.  It resonates on so many levels.  Someone suggested to me once that our strongest work is that which we feel most passionately about, and this definitely comes through in this.  It was an attempt to remember who she was, and the preciousness of her individuality, in an environment where that was not of great concern to others.

There is also a book, Agnes’s Jacket, by Gail Hornstein,  published last year, that I will have to read.

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