A Horse In the Living Room

So, I “officially” handed in my Jacquard files to my weaving instructor today… we edited a couple things, and everything should be good to go now.  Here’s what I’m sending… just need to wait (oh, the wait!!) for them to come back from Montreal.  It’s not going to be cheap, but the department is able to fund a portion of what we get woven!  I’ve ordered these two images- the total width is about 42″, so the horse one (Which totally amuses me) will be about 42″ wide, and the other two are sharing the width, so they’ll be about 20″.  I could figure it out exactly, but you probably don’t care.  LOL.

These are both twill structures, and will be done in greyscale (for simplicity’s sake).  My files are probably easier to see what’s going on, but generally, each pixel is a thread, and depending on the color, the thread is up or down (as in, visible, or not).  Even the greys are just a percentage of white threads versus black threads, all done in such a way that the pattern keeps the structure of the material stable.

We’re talking about having an exhibition with these, from the people who participated in the workshop.  That would be great for the department, as they’re researching getting a loom, and it would show some of the possibilities and the technology in fibre.  Generally at school, we deal with the more traditional techniques, but there is a whole new specialization in fibre and textiles these days- smart textiles.  (Some of which they do at Concordia, but that’s a whole ‘nother post.)

Anyway, here’s the images.  It was a really fun workshop, and I can’t wait to see what we get back!  The characters in the images are Brad, Winnie, and then Dad and Winnie. See my previous post.

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