Finishing Up….

With one crit to go, and Santa Fe looming, I think now’s a good time to take a break.  Not really, but let’s assess what I’ve accomplished this semester:

My goals were (taken from Friday, January 8, 2010 -Back to School!):

1. Get good grades, developing a solid body of work and documenting it properly.  
I haven’t gotten my grades yet, but I feel like I did well.  I definitely “developed a solid body of work” and even documented it.  It took a bit of a turn from what I thought it would be- instead of just making “objects,” I made these “creatures” whose animation was dependent on how they were presented, which is fun in the context of an exhibition, but not so fun in the context of documentation.  Nevertheless, I think I got some good stuff.

Looking at everything I’ve made in the last year in the form of my Jury Critique was eye-opening.  While it doesn’t particularly feel like I’ve done a lot of work, it looked like it in my Jury Crit.  There’s an strong thread (no pun intended, or maybe it was) running through all my work, without even considering process.

2. Get accepted to do a show in the student gallery (Marion Nicoll Gallery), “Self Portrait,” showcasing my journals.
Not only did I get accepted to do the show, but I pulled it off.  I thought it looked great, and I got a lot of good feedback on it.  Someone told me that during my show, she had seen the most people in the gallery that she had ever seen when it wasn’t the opening.  I don’t know if I would necessarily do this show again, because I found myself censoring what I put in my books, which isn’t the point of doing my books.

3. Put in a stellar scholarship application package. 
While my “stellar scholarship package” didn’t really pay off, as the only scholarships I really qualified for, the whole school qualified for, because I sort of slipped through the cracks, because I’m a fourth year, but not a graduating fourth year.  However,  that didn’t really matter because I set myself apart in other ways.  This year, I received two scholarships for leadership- the ACAD Student Experience Leadership Award, and the Susanne Agopsowicz Memorial Scholarship from the Calgary Foundation.  Receiving these is really great- it feels like someone is noticing the value of what I do and it encourages me to continue.  I’m proud of myself.

4. Develop an action plan to defer my pattern of depression in the summer
This one, I don’t know.  I know what to do if I start feeling yucky, and I’m applying for things, but I don’t know if things are going to be much different.  I guess all I can do is the best I can, and be kind to myself.

Other things I did this semester:
-Sucessful work (three garments, weavings, and morphoids (1+1+3+16)), Documentation (yardage, wearables, etc.), Jury Crit, essays for Judy’s class (I got a 90% on one)

Dee Fontans seminar, Debi Andrus, starting blog (soon), booking rooms, recruiting, advertising, etc.

SLC Rep:
-ACAD Planning Day (Felice at SAIC), Meet and Greet Potluck, got the Polly & Esther Gallery up and running,

Peer mentor, Open house, acad planning day, smART

Exhibitions and Shows:
Self Portrait, Cotton on Cotton (P&E), Wearable Art at ACAD, Past and Present, Fibre Fortnight and Mini Show, Artawearness (Assistant to the host)

Fun stuff:
Contextural Residency, Santa Fe Trip, Louise Berube workshop,

Applications to/ for:
scholarships, Legacy scholarship, MNG co-ordinator, TNG summer position, Phyllis Balm, RBC, Lawrence Decore Scholarship, Jenna Swift’s Seasonal Effective show, (Some of these things did/may workout, some will not, but sometimes all you can do is the best effort you can. Regardless of the outcome, I’m always proud to put in a good application.)

Still to Do (this year):
-applications for summer positions at stride, truck, etc.
-applications Fibre Arts Student showcase
-application to one of the +15s for a show for my morphoids.

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