A New Studio!

So last week, I painted my studio.  Brad kept telling me he was “scared,” but I even got him to admit he liked it.  Just to tease you, here’s the before and during pictures.  Ha ha. (More to come after I clean up and get it just PERFECT!)

Here’s the before pictures: Just after school let out and before renovation- both mine and Lindsay’s school stuff just got dumped anywhere there was space…. eek.  Her desk is the one with the iron and the red chair… and Bear’s work station (or he thinks it is, anyway) is the green desk in the back.

Here you can see: Lindsay’s cheese costume, my polyester “Microphili,” badly organized bookshelf and some large tubes of cardboard… one’s mine and one’s Lindsay’s… what we have them for, I don’t know….

Here’s the during picture.  If you look closely (as in, through the mess) you can see a peek of what I’ve been doing…. This is a good portion of my supplies… stacked up in the entertainment center wall, which I did not paint.

And here’s the sneak peek detail shot.  I love rosebowls.  They’re cheap, transparent, so you can see what’s in them, and fun.

As you might be able to tell, I’ve been busy.  I finally feel like, while the space is shared, at least for now, I’ve made it my own.  The only thing I don’t like is that it gets a little chilly down here…..  but other than that, I love my not-quite-new-but-sure-feels-like-it studio!

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