Studio Unveiling!

So here’s the unveiling of the studio!  It’s not totally where I want it…. it still needs a few things done, and some tweaking in terms of organizing things etc.  But here’s photos!

My main work area: (My name is from the paper letters I made for my art show…. I still need to clean up under the desk, and replace my seat cushion, and recover my cork boards for the empty wall space.  I’m trying to get away from the chaos of tacking all the stuff up on the wall….

The shelves to the left (and you can see Bear’s workstation there…)

The shelves to the right: (The bottom two are Lindsay’s….)

And, the pink filing cabinet.  L said she saw a pink one at staples, and when we went, it was no longer there, so I bought a boring grey one and painted it!  also painted my recycled work table, which mostly holds my sewing machine. Orange!

There we go!  Almost perfect!!  I’m so lucky to have this space!

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