Goodbye to Jasmine Valentina, an amazing friend, artist, and person

Last night was the memorial for Jasmine Valentina, an amazing artist who graduated from the Fibre program at ACAD last year.  She was killed in a tragic accident in New York on September 11th.  It is a tragedy that is incredibly hard for all of us- the loss of an amazing artist, friend, and person.  I haven’t felt like I could even really talk about it until now.

The memorial was touching.  There were a few speakers, who related Jasmine’s many touches to the world, personal experiences where this amazing soul taught them more than she could know about life and love.  She touched many, many people here in Calgary, and elsewhere… it is such a heartbreaking loss for the world.

Jasmine, while I wouldn’t say we were particularly close, you really spoke to me.  You were so encouraging, and cared for everyone.  You were a real role model for me.  We had more than a few conversations about fear and getting out there, and while so many think you were fearless, I knew you were not, but you were brave.  You didn’t let being afraid hold you back.  You did what you wanted to do, and succeeded all that much more for it.  From you, I learned that if you let fear get the better of you, you’ll miss out on some really great things. So be afraid, but do it anyway.  You lose much more by holding back.

The world has lost an amazing presence- she’s taught everyone she knew lessons on love, being and loving yourself, being real, and letting go.  I am a better person for having known you.  You have touched me more than you will ever know.  We will all miss you, and you will never be forgotten.

I hope you are dancing now.

(And now I must post some videos- First, a video by Jasmine Valentina, and second, a video by Smalique, Harold’s girlfriend.)

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