Evolution of the Morphoids: Part One: Metamorphosis, Radiolaria

So I’ve been continuing with the Morphoids this semester…. trying to get a more “animated” feeling.  I’ve made quite a few this semester, with varying degrees of success, in terms of how much “life” they have.  One of the first Morphoids I made this semester, Metamorphosis, seemed to have life, but be in a dormant stage. (Originally, I had these hanging from trees.)

Radiolaria, the next work, seems to have more of a potential at life, rather than a distinct feeling, as they seem to be more of a seed/pod type thing.  Definitely plant related.
But, with both of these, I seem to have hit on a dormant part of life.  They have the potential to grow or hatch and become something that is living, but they don’t seem to be “alive” on their own.  I seem to have hit on a place with both of these where they “could be” but aren’t necessarily.  Also, these two both sit on the line.  Are they plant, or animal?

More tomorrow.

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