Evolution of the Morphoids: Part Four: Scarabaeidae

 The most recent ‘Phoid, Scarabaeidae, has a quality of “life”.  I overstuffed it, which seems to give the ‘Phoids more of a sense of muscle. While this one doesn’t have a multitude of appendages to pose, it has the animation I am going for.  It seems to me that there are a few ways to get that sense of life: through limbs, personality, and possibly overstuffing, so they seem to have organs and muscles inside them.
 I’ve realized that to get the most out of these, I need time to get to know them after I’ve made them.  While playing with them in the photo suite, I’ve realized that presentation is everything, and how I document them will make all the difference.  So, today I’m off to photograph them in nature some more.  Here’s one more image, of an earlier piece, Sepal.
Sepal in nature.

Thanks for watching!!

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