2010 in Review

One of the things I do every New Year’s is review what I’ve done in the last year.  Here’s this year’s list:
-Developed an interesting body of work.
-Got good grades, leading to a Louise McKinney Scholarship
-hosted 2 smART seminars (smART-inars)- Dee Fontans and Debi Andrus
-Volunteered as SLC rep, and peer mentor
– Set up the Polly & Esther Gallery as SLC rep.
-Recieved 3 scholarships for leadership – (ACADSA’s Legacy Scholarship, Susanne Agopsowicz Memorial Scholarship, ACAD Student Experience Leadership Award)
– participated in the Contextural resdiency
– Ran for VP Academic for Student’s Association (which I’m actually glad I didn’t get)
– Sat on jury for MNG
– Was asked to be assistant to the host for ArtaWEARness X, accepted to be an artist in ArtaWEARness XI coming up this year.
– Accepted to be part of La Famiglia, the Calgary Animated Object Society’s International Festival of Animated Objects
– Attended ACAD planning day as student rep.
– Went to Santa Fe (department field trip)
– Had a solo show in the MNG (put myself out there by putting out my journals.)
– Updated and finished my website.
– Contributed to my blog.
– Set up my home studio to meet my needs.
-spent a LOT of time at school.


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