Marieke Verbiesen Workshop

The world works in funny ways.  I’ve been talking about working on stop-motion animation this semester, and what does one of my instructors bring me the other day?  A poster advertising an artist talk and a workshop sponsored by the MADT (Media Arts and Digital Technologies) department at ACAD.  So, I’m taking a workshop:  Video and Animation in Physical Space with Marieke Verbiesen.  Here’s an example of a large project she did, a music video for a band called Baskerville.  See her blog for more info.

So we’ve been working around a theme of a playground,  building this triangular angular sort of hut, with triangular pillows inside.  There will also be a mural, and a time-lapse video of the production of the video.  We built a giant projection screen to show it on, and there is a sound component to the installation as well.  The opening is Friday night! (I’ll post photos later…)

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