I’m an artist in the Calgary Animated Object Society’s International Festival of Animated Objects, for which I installed my exhibition this Tuesday (and I totally forgot to take a photo…. ooops… will come later).  Though it’s a solo show in Stride’s +15 Window in the EPCOR Centre, it’s part of La Famiglia, a collaboration with the other artists (Jonathon Frosst, Heather Kai Smith, and Jamie Tea) in the other +15 spaces.  The theme is “family” (hence ‘La Famiglia’) and so, while the work of the four of us is completely different, we do have something of a common thread and will be collaborating in a sense.

Because it’s part of the International Festival of Animated Objects, we are “animating” (the scene changes) twice a week, like a really slow stop-motion animation.  The story will unfold through the sixteen scenes that will occur over the next two months.  I am really excited about this, as not only is it a great opportunity for me, but I will get to really explore how the Morphoids interact with each other in an enclosed space.

“Will the Morphoids learn to get along, or will they kill each other in the end?”

Some Links:
Stride – +15 Window – Jennifer Akkermans – Terrarium
Calgary Animated Object Society – La Famiglia

(Don’t worry, there will be photos soon!)

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