EMMEDIA Scholarship!

I’ve been lucky enough to receive one of EMMEDIA’s Production Access Scholarships for the summer, to make my film! This scholarship literally showed up at the right time, as video was the direction my practice was starting to go anyway.  As a recipient of the scholarship (of which there are multiples), I get an allowance to use to book film equipment and editing time in EMMEDIA’s studios, an allowance for 3 workshops, and tape stock.  It’s a great opportunity, and I’ve been trying to take full advantage of it.

While the original plan was to focus more on animation, I will be using animation more sparingly than I thought, to support the video parts of the project. The film I am making will be a “documentary” about the Institute of Morphoid Research, done in smaller segments that I can use separately as well as put together to make a longer film.  Last year, the Production Access Films were screened at the Plaza here in Calgary…. would be really great if they would do that again.

I’ve mostly been working on scripting, and have gotten a little filming in.  Man, this is a steep learning curve.