Editing the “documentary”!

(This image is a logo I’ve made for the “News Clip”…. What do you think?)

I spent yesterday in EMMEDIA’s edit suites…. going through the… seven filled tapes of footage that I’ve shot so far.  Man, this learning curve is steep!

Out of the seven, I’ve only got bits and pieces of stuff that may possibly be used.  I think I will need to redo a lot of it.  Here’s the synopsis of the 7 tapes:

099– I’ve labeled this as 099 because technically I shot it before the EMMEDIA scholarship started.  This tape is mainly footage of the artist talk/ performance I did, for my senior Fibre class in the lecture theatre at ACAD.  It also has some footage of nature…. where I’ve just captured a couple minutes of the environment.  I’m not entirely sure what I’m going to use that for, but there’s ideas of creatures with *really* effective camoflague, “live” webcams, and possibly animating something into it later.  We’ll see.  That’s not high on my priorities list right now.

I haven’t really looked too close at this tape because it’s not really important right now.  I’m sure I’ve got some pretty big issues with this tape- I bet the sound is horrible, I’ve probably set everything to auto (which means that for my performance, it is probably constantly trying to white balance for the projection), and more I haven’t discovered yet.

001- The first tape I did.  Almost enough said.  This was the first day with Beth.  White balance is off, sound SUCKS, because, while I did remember to use the microphone, I didn’t have power going to it.  LOL.  I will be able to use some of the footage though- the stuff I don’t need sound for, that I intend to be B roll for the interview soundtrack.

002-  Interviews with myself.  Didn’t even look at this one, as it’s the same day as 001.  It is supposed to be interviews with myself, but I’m sure all I will see is my lips moving and nothing coming out.  Except maybe my tongue when I’ve screwed up.

003- “Bites” footage, with me showing off some big red welts.  Also studio pans of some of the Morphoids, and eggs, poop, and bones.  B roll.

004- Here’s where it starts getting interesting.  This is the day I went out with Sara and Robin. On this tape, I’ve managed to figure a few things out, due to past mistakes and attending the Basic Video Production Workshop EMMEDIA provided as part of my scholarship.  I’ve turned the microphone on, set the white balance, and am using a flexfill to bounce light around.  Here, I’ve got footage of a few Morphoids, an eye witness account with Sara, and my news interview with Robin.  Lots of goofing around in there, and Robin was having a lot of trouble getting my name and “position” right.  But I think we got it in the end.

005- Interviews with myself again, this time with sound.  Definitely more usable than 002.

006- Day 2 with Beth.  Another good day!  Here, I’ve got Beth’s eye witness account, some moving Morphoids, and a few golden bloopers.  Sound is much better, and settings are generally good, so most of this should be usable.

That’s definitely a lot of time and effort to get maybe, hmmm, 5 minutes of finished video, I’m guessing.  I’m learning that film is very labour intensive, and has a steep learning curve! Although, I have to say that the most work is coordinating everything, especially since I don’t have a vehicle.  But I’m determined to get some good stuff out of this.  God knows we’re having fun!

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