Opportunity Knocks…. and wants to take me on a roadtrip!

New Mexican door. Photo by Yana Emasheva. (Fibre Field Trip 2010)

Speaking of the “Universe,” a great opportunity just landed in my lap!  The Gushul Studio Residency, offered through the Trap/Door Artist Run Centre in Lethbridge, which I had unsuccessfully applied for back in December, had one of the two original participating artists drop out!  And who did they offer the spot to?  Me!  And, what didn’t seem to be lucky (not seeming to be able to land a job) now seems really lucky!  If I was working full time, I don’t think I would have been able to take advantage of this incredible opportunity!

The residency will be for the whole month of September, in the Gushul Studio and Cottage in Blairmore, Alberta.  I will be paired with another artist, Latifa Pelletier-Ahmed, who is also from Calgary.  The spirit of the residency is collaboration, and I am definitely curious to see what happens with the two of us working together!

The thing with this being a little last minute, though, is that I will miss the EMMEDIA screening.  As my project is due the first of September, I will be fulfilling my part of the contract, but will miss the celebration.  Last year’s screening was held at the Plaza Theatre, here in Calgary, and it sounds like this year’s will be somewhere similar, if not the same venue.  I will be sad to miss that particular event, but I need to take advantage of this opportunity.

Stay tuned…. I’ll soon be off on an adventure! I’ve got 9 days to pull everything together!

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