Visitors/ Lundbreck Falls/ Working in the Studio

So yesterday my mother stopped by as she was going through town, and took us out for lunch.  Today, Latifa’s family came to visit.  We went for lunch with them, and then went to Lundbreck Falls.  I enjoyed meeting her family and the afternoon we spent with them.

Latifa and her father cooling their feet in the river

Lundbreck Falls is a beautiful place.  I have spent quite a bit of time there, with my family as a child and even as recently as a couple of years ago.  The Crowsnest is a great place to fish, and so my father and I have come here to fish a few times.  The falls are much busier than I remember ever having seen them though, but that might be because it’s the last long weekend of the summer.

Latifa drawing…

As for working, we’ve been working on a lot of things, all revolving around the idea of “Perception.”  Right now, it’s mostly just playing around with a lot of things…. Latifa has been working on a humongous drawing and making noises to use for a sound installation.  I’ve been playing around with some photos and some video stuff I’ve been taking with my camera.  I’ve also been doing quite a bit of research on stereoscopic and anaglyphic 3D images and so we’ve been doing a lot of looking at things through pieces of colored acetate.  That is what I should have up here for images… maybe I’ll get Latifa to pose later.  Anyway, here’s a short video of Latifa collecting sound.

We are having a good adventure, but honestly, life seems just as busy as it is at home.