Big Shoes

I’m realizing there’s big shoes to fill, in participating in the Gushul Residency.  And also an interesting tie to some of my role models/some other fibre artists.

Today we went out for coffee/lunch with Kristin Ivey, who did the Residency in 2008 (when I say “Residency,” I mean the residency as sponsored by Trap/Door in specific).  It was really nice to meet Kristin, as I had come across her work when researching the Trap/Door/Gushul Residency.  She actually lives in Coleman, now, and when we went to the Bellevue Coal Mine the other day, the woman at the front desk was telling us about Kristin and her work.  Kristin works mainly in soft sculpture.

Kristin mentioned some other artists I know (or have heard of) who have done the residency as well.  For example, Wednesday Lupypciw.  I wasn’t aware that Wednesday had participated in the Gushul Residency.  And only fairly recently that she is a Fibre grad from ACAD.  Her work has been in some impressive shows, including She Will Always Be Younger Than Us, curated by Allyson Mitchell.

And then there’s Shanell Papp, who I haven’t met, but who seems to run in the same circles as I do.  It’s always interesting when a reputation preceeds someone.  Hopefully I’ll actually be able to meet Shanell in Jaunary, when we are both showing work in Caterina Pizanias’ New Alberta Contemporaries Exhibition.  Shanell’s work has a sense of humour about our own mortality, while drawing attention to process, pattern and structure.

Big shoes.