My First SIRD

I am so excited about learning Blender the 3D modelling program. We spent 5 hours yesterday going through the tutorial. There is incredible potential in this vast and still largely incomprehensible world. Like I said to Jen, I wouldn’t have taken the initiative to learn this program, which seems like nonsense at first glance, without the motivation of working with her and being here at the Gushul. So here is my first attempt. I will give you a hint : it is a shape!

So I hope that wasn’t too difficult, unless you have an eye condition :
People with amblyopia (also known as lazy eye) are unable to see the three-dimensional images. Children with poor or dysfunctional eyesight during a critical period in childhood may grow up stereoblind, as their brains are not stimulated by stereo images during the critical period. If such a vision problem is not corrected in the early childhood, the damage becomes permanent and the adult will never be able to see autostereograms.[2][11] It is estimated that some 1% to 5% of the population is affected by amblyopia.[12]

It took me an hour to get the lighting more or less the way I wanted it. Here is the base 3D image :