Today is a bit of a dreary day. The first cold day since we got here.

The mountains are covered by fog and it is much colder today.

(The images are from my front step… that’s Latifa’s house, across the lawn.)

Collaboration is a funny thing.  Honestly, sometimes the idea scares me a little, especially if the people you will be collaborating with are people you don’t know very well.  I have to admit that I was a little nervous about the idea of collaborating on this residency with Latifa, who I had not even heard of before.  But it’s going really well.  We’re getting along really well, and I really like her as a person.  We do have separate styles, and skills (of course), but I think our personalities and interests are matching up perfectly.

Kristin tells us that we are probably the only pair of artists to do the Trap/Door residency and actually work together.  I find that a little surprising.

These are some stereogram viewfinders I was making today. We still need to work on refining the images for inside of them.

We’ve got a bunch of things on the go, and a good portion of them are things that either of us may not have explored on our own.  I think that’s one of the perks of collaborating…. your lines of thought are influenced by two people, and so are not as linear as they would be working on your own.  You are exposed to another way of thinking, another way of working, another point of view.  And we’ve been collaborating in different ways… for example, there are things we are working on together (such as researching SIRDs and anaglyphs, and learning Blender, for example), and things we are working on separately (I’m doing a bit of a video thing, and Latifa’s doing a humongous drawing, and will be working with sound if she can get some interviews), but all this will come together in the end, as it is all generally related to our theme, Perception.

We’ve also been talking a lot… about life, art, and other artists.  Latifa also knows a lot about nature and travelling, and I’ve been learning a lot from her.  We’ve also been cooking for each other, taking turns… it’s like having a dinner party every night. I’m really enjoying the experience. :)