Thoughts and decisions

I am thinking with all the things we have left to do and all the things I want to do I am going to cut the voice part of the sound project. Sometimes there is just too much, and decisions have to be made. That doesn’t mean I’ll turn down potential interviewees, but I need to concentrate on the most important things. It is now reaching the halfway point. I will definitely have a sound component but will use the sounds I have collected thus far. This evening I collected a lot of melodic samples on the keyboard. Now I just have to get Jen singing hehe.
We were talking earlier and I really think it’s true that to get good interviews you have to become part of a community and it takes time and continued effort to integrate. We are still very much outsiders, in addition to the fact that we spend most of our time in our creative bubble.
Nonetheless I am still very excited about my 8-channel interface, even if I haven’t used it much yet.

drawing fingers