You Can’t Get Away That Easily!

Just to make things a little more well rounded I am going to include some of the exciting photos of Jen during our adventures.

Ok, this isn't Jen. But it's the top of star falls which Jen didn't get a chance to see because the dogs can't climb vertical rocks with a rope.

Jen in the creepy abandoned place that made me feel light-headed

I like this one

I personally think this was the shower room, as there was a shower head, a drain in the floor and a stall that looked like it had had a toilet.

Is she or is she not photo-happy? :)

I am learning Logic 9 for the sound component of our work, which is a but frustrating, but I think it is turning out ok. There are lot of cool things. If any of our readers knows if it is possible to apply effects to individual samples and not just the channel strip, let me know.