It’s so beautiful I could cry

Yesterday we went out for nachos and beer to celebrate our being finished our beautiful as yet untitled installation. Yay!
Poor Jen, I must talk her ear off. It must be all the coffee.
She’s lovely to listen to me ranting all the time. Or at least she does a very good job of giving the impression of listening.
And she laughs all the time, it’s wonderful. It puts you in a good mood.
We also saw a young buck last night, no I don’t mean a randy young local, but a real live deer eating bushes in the museum outdoor display.
Anyhow here are some pictures of Jen doing her sewing stuff.

Jen sewing

Jen Sewing 3

I'm creeping Jen in her window. If only she knew about the live feed in her shower . . .

Jen in her favorite spot. I think her shadow is permanently imprinted in the pleather.