A few days left….

Our Open House yesterday went really well.  We didn’t have a humungous turn out, but we didn’t expect one.  We had a good visit with Mike, Riise, and Arianna from Lethbridge, and met a few of the locals here in Blairmore.  It is a little too bad, however, that there was no workable way to show the “house” properly (in the dark) and have the Lethbridge contingent be able to come.

After the Open House, Latifa and I just hung out.  We talked a lot, and played some video games, and generally did nothing serious.  It felt to me like we’ve been so concerned about getting this thing ready that now that the Open House was done, I felt free to do whatever I wanted.  It was nice.

Latifa says doing nothing last night motivated her to work today.  She’s been working on finishing her drawing.  I’ve been working on applications, and writing letters.  We are going to go see Tree of Life in Pincher Creek tonight.

We have a few things left on our list to do before we go to Lethbridge this weekend to show our residency work for Alberta Arts Days.  Stay tuned for details on that.

Any suggestions on things we should absolutely make sure we do while we’re here?