White House. Er, I mean….

So I think we’ve decided on “Ephemeral Home” as our title. Latifa says, “It’s our ephemeral home, but it’s our ephemeral home. It speaks literally and figuratively.”
We used a title generator to get things rolling, as we we feeling a little stuck. Latifa came up with our title, and then the title generator did! Or maybe she’s pulling my leg and the generator came up with it first.

Anyway. Tonight we took some video, and I’ll be making a DVD within the next couple of days for Alberta Arts Days: one for the Crowsnest Pass Public Art Gallery, and one for Trap/Door in Lethbridge. We will also be posting it here after the Open House.

So I’m working on that. Not laughing waaayyy too much with Latifa, over silly, silly things. Yes, yes I am.