Spark Rehearsal #….?

This image is totally unrelated. Except maybe to depict our path to this point. Abstractly.


So Veronica and I have been working hard on this collaboration thing, and it’s going well.  It’s a little intense, though- For example, I have no idea how many rehearsals we’ve had already!  And the show is coming up quickly…. our Tech rehearsal is tomorrow!

The project is going well, though.  We both feel good about things.  I don’t want to give away too much information, because I want you to come to the show! You know.  We did comment, however, that though the piece is definitely a collaboration, it is a dance, and I think I actually like that.  It’s interesting to see how something I made can take on a life of it’s own, and become sort of an inanimate partner with Veronica. It’s not a dancer and a prop, but seems to be a fully integrated, cohesive duet between the two.

Anyway, tomorrow we have our last “production-time” rehearsal, and in the evening, our tech time.  Monday is dress rehearsal day, and Tuesday and Wednesday are show days!  I’m pretty excited to see this thing with all the lights and a real audience (which hopefully includes YOU)!

And just so you know, unless we’ve already made plans (you know who you are), I’m doing absolutely nothing all day Thursday.  I can’t even remember the last time I’ve had a day to do whatever I wanted.  (Well, and Wednesday is my birthday, but I’m pretending it’s Thursday, and that’s my gift to myself: to do whatever I damn well want.)

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