Working away!

I’ve been working in my temporary studio space at Art Central, care of the Calgary Allied Arts Foundation.  (Speaking of which, they’ve updated the Residency page to show my information!)

I’ve been needing to get/ take care of a few things before I can really get into the meat of what I plan to do here, so so far, I have been working on a few smaller projects, and doing some experiments.

These are some “microscope” drawings, drawings of structures I have been looking at through the microscope.

I have also been doing some experiments and brainstorming, about using some unusual materials to flesh out the morphoids, so to speak.  Here are a couple images of that, although nothing is even close to concrete.

If they appear somewhat cryptic, I am okay with that.  They maybe should be at this point.  Lol.

Also, here’s a short video of something I did today that may have some potential.

And just a reminder, I’m in the studio Tuesday and Friday afternoons, 1-5PM, and hopefully most Monday and Wednesday evenings.  Stop by for a visit if you’re in the neighborhood!

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