St[Art] Residency Windup….

Animation aftermath 

So, as I’ve been working in the St[art] space at art central for the last two months, Thursday night was the final showing of the work I made while I was there.  It was an excellent opportunity to have space to work on something I wouldn’t be able to do at home (ex. animation), but I found it to be a much different experience than, say, the Gushul Residency, because, while I had work space, I was still in the same city as the rest of my life, so finding the time to use the space to it’s fullest was a bit of a challenge.  (Whereas, when we were at the Gushul, there was lots of time to work, less distractions, and sometimes I found myself working because I didn’t have anything else I *needed* to do.)

Anyway, here’s the animation I did.  It’s not quite finished, as it still needs sound.  It will fit into the documentary that I finished this summer.

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