My Journals….

This is a photo of my shelf full of my all journals (bottom shelf)…. and the shelf above holds my 13 sketchbooks, which are really just a different kind of journal.  They are all different shapes, sizes, binding styles, paper type, etc, including a good portion of reworked composition books, as well as a number I have made myself.

I have a system of numbering them, although it’s not very specific.  The journals (including the sketchbooks) are numbered chronologically, but in some cases (where there’s two journals for the same time period, for example), there’s a B journal.  There are possibly a couple in here that are not quite full, but  the majority of them are full right to the last page.

I’m currently working on #39 (personal, private journal, yet untitled), and #40 (sketchbook, entitled, “Eggplant Sandwiches.”)

I don’t know if you remember, but a couple of years ago, I had an exhibition (Self Portrait) where I had invited people to read them.

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